Jul 15, 2013

3M Spotlight: 3M ESPE Customer Care

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3M ESPE Customer Care Team

Perplexed? Got a question? In a pinch? We’ve got answers.

Did you know that you have immediate access to our experienced Customer Care Team by simply picking up the phone? The 3M ESPE Customer Care Team is a dedicated group of skilled professionals with whom you can discuss dental techniques, clinical troubleshooting and equipment servicing, among many other things, including:

  • Technical support for all 3M ESPE Products
  • Education and product training
  • Technical, literature, product instructions, MSDS, etc.
  • Promotions – quarterly and others
  • Product quality support

We’re here to help! Simply, give us a call at 1-800-634-2249. The team is available Monday through Friday, 8am- 5pm CST, to assist with all of your questions.


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